Anchor Transportation


Motorcoach travel in general, allows all passengers to engage with each other, do work if they choose, and keeps groups together with a driver who is focused on only one thing – getting the group to their destination safely. At Anchor Transportation, we take safety to the next level.

DOD Certification

Anchor Transportation is certified by the Department of Defense (DOD) – a higher level of safety certification that only 10% of motorcoach carriers qualify for, that certifies us to carry military personnel.


Our onsite service bays with full-time mechanics enable us to assure regular and on-going maintenance of our entire fleet. As part of the DOD certification process, the Department of Defense inspects the maintenance logs and systems in detail to confirm that all of our equipment is well maintained.


Driver training and safety management are another important factor in motorcoach safety. In order to remain active, our drivers must undergo safety and customer service training and submit completed paperwork after every trip. We require that all drivers wear a uniform and interact professionally with passengers. By law, drivers can only log 10 hours of driving in a 24-hour period. If a group is hiring a motorcoach for a trip lasting more than 10 hours, most companies would send the second driver on the bus and expect that they will sleep while not driving. We do not believe a driver can get a good night’s sleep sitting up on a bus. We send a replacement driver ahead to an agreed-upon meeting place where they sleep overnight in a motel to assure they are fresh and ready to continue the trip. This is a more expensive solution, but we believe a value cannot be placed on your safety!


We are able to track our motorcoaches by GPS on the internet. This feature is especially useful for school groups or other organizations that have large numbers of concerned parents who want the point person aware of the location of the motorcoach at any given time. This system also has a switch the driver can use to notify company operations that a life-threatening situation is taking place on board the motorcoach, and that emergency personnel are needed immediately for assistance. This system is so unique, it is one of the few recognized and funded by the Department of Homeland Security.

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