Anchor Transportation

Green Mission

Anchor Transportation:  Greenest Travel On Earth


As a long established business, Anchor Transportation has a vested interest in our environment and our communities. As an advocate for the environment we take added measures to minimize the amount of waste released into the ground and the air.


The Company uses bio degradable products in its cleaning and washing applications and has invested in new clean engine technology to reduce emissions by using diesel particulate filters, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and ultra low sulphur diesel fuel.


The waste oil removed from the buses during regular maintenance is reused in the buildings’ heating systems which significantly reduces the energy costs during the winter months. The used antifreeze is treated, recycled and placed back into to use by Anchor. This recycling process also eliminates the need for Anchor to purchase new antifreeze.


In addition to office paper, Anchor recycles all the fluids generated by our buses including engine oil and antifreeze. Additionally, Anchor Transportation has partnered with Goodyear tire to recycle all of its scrapped tires.

Motorcoach travel is the greenest way to travel. Find out more here:

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